is the growth of tsu on schedule - how many members does tsu have

Tsu is coming up to it’s second anniversary on the 21st October

So as we come to the end of year 2 for Tsu the social payment platform that rewards it’s members there are some questions to ask and comparisons to be made.

So just how many members does Tsu have? and is the growth of this social networking platform on schedule with what Ceo and Owner Sebastian Sobczak and the team want and are expecting?

Well only Sebastian and the team can tell if they are hitting their growth targets. As for the current user count i will tell you that statistic shortly but before i do lets look at the history of some other major social sites, draw some comparisons and then make some educated predictions for on how Tsu is doing.

Let’s start by taking a look at Facebook

Facebook was launched in February 2004. The founders had initially limited the website’s membership to Harvard students; however, later they expanded it to higher education institutions in the Boston area, the Ivy League schools, and Stanford University. They reached their first 1 million members 10 months later. 

In 2006 Facebook opened the doors to the world, anyone 13 years or older with a valid email address could make an account the members grew fast and they quickly hit 10 million members. In August 2008 Facebook hit 100 million members, and in October 2012 they reached and incredible 1 billion users.

Let's start by taking a look at Facebook - is the growth of tsu on schedule

How many members does Facebook have?

There are currently at around 1.7 billion active monthly Facebook users…. that is quite astonishing…. there are currently 5 new profiles created every single second. Facebook has become the mother of all social networks.

Moving onto Twitter

Moving onto Twitter - is tsu social's growth on shedule

Twitter was launched in July 2006, a couple of years after Facebook hit the scene.

Created by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. Twitter was the start of a new breed of social site, moving users away from their laptops and onto mobile apps and limiting members to sending short 140 character messages called tweets. Micro blogging had begun.

They reached 1 million members 2 years later in 2008, they then quickly moved on and hit the milestone of 10 million users just 50 days later.

How many members does Twitter have?

Twitter currently has 310 million active members.

Katy Perry 91 million Twitter Followers - How many Tsu members are there

Twitter has become the social hangout for Celebrities like Katy Perry who has close to 91 million Twitter followers.

Image source Wikipedia

Next it’s onto Instagram

Instagram launched in October 2010 as an Iphone mobile App… It took them just 2 months to hit 1 million members. On September 26th 2011 they hit 10 million users.

On April 3rd 2012 Instagram launched on Android phones and were quickly purchased by Facebook on April 9th.

On Feb 26th 2013 they hit 100 million users.

How many members does Instagram have - How many members does Tsu have


How many members does Instagram have?

There are currently 150 million active monthly users.

Now let’s look at the Tsu Social Network

Tsu is a new breed of social networking site, it is more a social payment platform where users keep ownership of their content and receive fair value for the views that their images, videos, gifs, and messages receive.

Tsu social was founded in October 2013. Tsū was created by Evacuation Complete, LLC, a Texas corporation, which was founded on February 7, 2008. 

The founders of Tsu are Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, and Thibault Boullenger, and the site is headquartered in New York City. Tsu is open to new users via private invite.

Tsu is just coming up to it’s second anniversary (21st October) from when they first went live.

Facebook quickly started to to realise Tsu’s potential and in Sept 2015 started to delete links to Tsu from Facebook, the ban then also moved onto Instagram and promptly onto Facebook messenger.

Sebastian Sobczak, CEO of, poses in his company's New York office. Photo AP Photo - Mark Lennihan

Sebastian Sobczak, CEO of, poses in his company’s New York office. Photo: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Nice to meet Tsu: the new social network that Facebook doesn’t want you to know about

Tsu claims that in late September, Facebook started deleting more than 9.5 million links to its site. Facebook also blocks new posts that contain the text “” but no links, warns users that links to Tsu are “unsafe” and fails to deliver Instagram posts and texts via Facebook Messenger that mention Tsu’s Internet address or link to the site.

Facebook defends its Tsu ban as a way to prevent its service from turning into a hangout for scam artists and opportunists hoping to make a quick buck. Tsu says Facebook just doesn’t want its users to realise that their photos, videos and personal observations might actually be worth something.

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The dispute has since been resolved with the link ban lifted and more that 9.5 million back links returned to good standing.

How many members does Tsu have?

Tsu has had explosive growth since launch passing 2 million users in just two short months and now currently has a member base of 5.1 million

So is Tsu hitting it’s growth Targets?

I think if you spoke to Sebastian Sobczak he would say yes Tsu is hitting it’s targets but would also be honest and say that Tsu has come up against some bumps in the road and challenges that have had to be over come, but this is no different from any startup. The site has become a major social hub for content creators, photographers, artists, activists and of course Tsu loves a selfie, and charity is alive an kicking with charitable organisations like The Lighthouse Foundation making a successful home within Tsu and benefiting from daily social rewards

The platform itself was recently upgraded to version 3.0 which was a major design change and upgrade.

We were also introduced to topics and channels (groups). This was a massive improvement on the old system and even more recently we have seen the arrival of Tsu video where members can post short 15 second videos to their profiles.

Tsu video has also been used to great success in the Tsu Original One music contest where music artists were able to enter an original song via the video functionality. The Original One contest is still up and running.

Tsu Original One

Is the growth of Tsu on target? How many members does Tsu Have – CONCLUSION

If you compare the the three social examples above with the path that Tsu is on then you can see great similarities.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all got to a point where they exploded onto the scene, the growth on all sites was the result of functionality becoming stable to allow them to move to the next level.

When the foundation is solid and stable you can move forward and start to build and boy does the building go up fast.

Tsu is about to explode

Here are my predictions

The site will continue to be developed, current bugs and glitches will be ironed out and become a thing of the past. Once the site foundation is solid and reliable, you can expect more advertisers which will greatly boost daily rewards.

Then expect Tsu to go viral as advertising is rolled out and BOOM  Tsu joins the social list of greats.

All i would say to current members is PATIENCE friends it is on the way the Tsunami is coming!

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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