how to a get verified on tsu

To get a verified Tsu account there is really only one qualification currently that you must meet. You must either have a verified Twitter account or you must have a verified Facebook account. If you have one of these accounts then the Tsu verification process is very simple, all you have to do is to go to your verified Facebook or Twitter and post some text saying that you are a Tsu member and leave your profile link to prove that you own the account. Screen shoot the page with your link on and send it into Tsu support at and you will get verified check mark in a day or so.

Facebook and Twitter are the main avenues to getting verified on Tsu but also having a check mark with YouTube or Instagram will get the job done.

However there is a chance that just hard work within Tsu will also be rewarded with a verified Tsu check mark as there are a number of members who technically do not qualify yet they have the check mark.

So whats the big deal, why do i need a verified Tsu account?

Well being Tsu verified brings you free followers as you are shown to new members as they sign up and being verified affords you the ability to trend quicker and for longer on the Tsu homepage. All of this means more exposure, many more views and higher daily rewards.

Could Tsu make a change to the current system to make it better?

The Answer to this question is yes.

Tsu is the future of social media but i find it strange that they take signals from other social networks as to who should be verified, should Tsu not base the decision on the users merit? you don’t see Facebook say “yes ok you are verified on Twitter you can have a check here as well”. Facebook ask you to prove you qualify and Tsu should as well.

I would like to see a change made to the verification system where everyday members are rewarded. Keep the current check mark to indicate a musician or an actor or public figure that is verified else ware but then also have a second verified check mark that is a different colour that affords contributors and content creators the same advantages that the current system does. Tsu is the peoples network, they need to be supporting the real members who are driving the traffic and making the clicks and not just supporting the celebrity culture that pops in occasionally.

how to get a verified tsu account - new verified contributor badge proposal

Tsu is the social network that rewards. Lets bring new meaning to this statement and reward those that are active, original and engaging by acknowledging what they do and reward them. These members are the foundation of Tsu and you need a strong social network foundation.


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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