How to get Tsu Followers Fast and hit the ground running.

How to grow your followers on Tsu

So why do you join a social media site like Tsu?

It is because you have something to say and share. The problem is when you join any social network like Tsu your pretty much on your own because you have no Tsu friends and followers. There are lot’s of opinions on how to get Tsu followers and fix this problem and to be fair there is no right or wrong method to grow your Tsu followers, just fast ways and slow ways.

So if you have time to sit on your hands and see no activity on your Tsu feed and no followers then just post your content and wait, and wait and wait and do some more waiting.

How to get tsu followers - How to grow your followers on Tsu and hit the ground running

Your pretty much going to end up with the opinion that nothing much happens on Tsu and you really couldn’t be more wrong because there are no restrictions on who sees your content on Tsu. You just need to know how to put yourself in front of Tsu members.

If you have a good sponsor then they would already of welcomed you and given you a shout-out and sent a few Tsuvians (Tsu Civilians) your way, if not you can still keep waiting, unless of course you want to be proactive.

Even if you have a good sponsor after the initial 10 or so followers you get from their help you are still going be sitting on your hands, so if you want to be seen be proactive.

So what does this mean?

Well you have to follow active Tsu members, search relevant tags that display content that interests you and follow these members. Check the people who have liked these posts and follow them as well particularly the ones who have liked the content within the last 10 to 15 minutes because they could well still be online and that increases your chances of getting follows while your active, you then just have to engage.

You have to follow Tsu members to get Tsu followers.

Now you will have some who say no you don’t know these people, your clogging your feed, the answer to that is, no, your managing your Tsu feed, your growing your feed, you follow members and engage with them and build relationships, you can always unfollow them.

Again if you have time to sit on your hands then sit on your hands, but you don’t get muscles without lifting weights and we are talking about beefing up your presence here on the Tsu Social Network.

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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