facebook and instagram censor tsu social


Facebook has now blocked and censored Tsu. We can no longer auto-share to Facebook and we can no longer post our links directly on the site. What is even worse is that Facebook have removed old posts that carry the Tsu short-code and they have also gone into messenger and removed links as well ….. Privacy Invasion? hmmmm.

Moving onto Instagram, if you have your Tsu short-code added as your bio link then Instagram is frozen for you, remove the link and you can again use Instagram.

So why has Facebook and Instagram Blocked and Censored Tsu?

Well Instagram is owned by Facebook which is why Instagram has followed Facebook in this action. Why? well it is because Tsu is now taking market away from Fb and Insta, they now see Tsu as a competitor and so have shut down the sharing of the Tsu short code.

Not to worry there are a couple workarounds

Ok so the easiest work around is to add some share buttons to your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and you will need a Google Plus account. Open the post you want to share on Tsu and click the G+ share button to share to Google Plus, then your open the Google Plus post and hit your Facebook share button and share to FB, what you are doing is making Google Plus your Tsu middle man. The Facebook share will take the link from Google and so let the Tsu post onto Facebook. You can also use this strategy with other social sites you are on, im also doing something similar with Pinterest and Instagram

An even better option is to create an Ibotoolbox / Ibosocial Profile, its a free business social and incredibly useful, have a look at what i have done on my Ibosocial Profile.

Facebook and Instagram censor tsu social - IboSocial Profile Page

You can then use your profile link in your Instagram bio link and when clicked have a video that plays. What you basically have here is a splash page to promote Tsu and if you dig in deeper into Ibo you have another place to share to and inturn you can share from Ibo to a whole host on Social Channels

Hope this helps… if you have any questions leave a comment below and i will be happy to answer.

Regards Dexter

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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