Tsu Social don' forget you have a tsu downline

You really don’t need a big downline/network to make Tsu Social a success, but what you do need though is for your network members to be active. So you need to have some kind of contact with them to help them get started and to encourage them.

This is not so hard if you know them personally, but if your Tsu sign ups are a result of you promoting Tsu Social on other networks then you really have to work that bit harder to get your sign ups active.

Welcoming new members is an absolute must.

How To Get Your Tsu Social members active

  1. Send them a message and welcome them, explaining a little bit about Tsu. It’s a great idea to send them to a Tsu getting started resource. If you don’t have one then you can send them to my Ultimate Tsu Guide.
  2. Make a welcome post introducing your new sign up to the Tsu nation, and give as much info about your Tsu Child as you can. 
  3. If your new Tsu Network Member has made a few posts on Tsu then re-share one or two and again welcome them to Tsu in the comments section.
  4. Tag in 10 friends who can then welcome your sign up and encourage them, this should bring in a few follows for your new member.
  5. Monitor your sign ups progress daily.
  6. Follow up with a new post a few days later if they are active, but not as a welcome post as a shout out post or active member post.

Hiow To Get Your Tsu Members Active - Tsu Social

Hopefully this will result in your new Tsu children becoming active within the Tsu Social Payment Platform.

How To Deal With Inactive Tsu Social Members

Even if you do manage to get a member active there is a chance that they will just stop and become inactive. Some times members just take a break and forget about Tsu or life just gets super busy and something has to give. It is important if this happens and it will that you don’t worry about it because you have to look at it as these guys could become active again at any point, they still have accounts, they are still in your network.

Circumstances can change and they could at anytime come running back and be even more active on Tsu Social and even start building their own networks…. you have to be positive cause no one has left you.

In the last couple of days i have had a couple of Tsu Children who went inactive for many months and came back.

But they came back as a result of something i did.

How To Get Inactive Tsu Social Members Active Again – Here Are Some Useful Tips

Even if members have been inactive for many months they still can at any point become active again. Messaging, commenting, liking, mentioning all send notifications to the members account and it takes just one to get through and you can get  the “ohhh Tsu yet i for i was a member there” they then login and they see the activity, they see messages and suddenly they are in reboot mode, it’s again new and fresh and exciting again.

Hope this helps

Regards DexterRoona


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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