Tsu is a revolutionary new social networking site that pays its members fair value for the content that they create. 

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How much are your images and selfies worth to you?

They are worth quite a lot to social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram who take your images and place targeted advertisements around them. They make money from the content that you add to their sites.

The Tsu Social Network is a bit different because the ads that are placed around your content on Tsu PAY YOU!.

That’s right! Tsu shares 90% of it’s advertising revenue back to it’s members. That is $9 out of every $10 that the platform makes in ad revenue returned back to the members, that’s you and me.

When a song is played on the radio the artiste gets paid a royalty for the use of the song. It is a very similar scenario on Tsu….. when you create engaging original content on the Tsu Social Network you are rewarded fair value for the views that your content receives, effectively you also receive a royalty.

Tsu is not a get rich quick scheme

Your not going to be able to give up your day job…. saying that if you were to invite Kim Kardashian or Ellen with your Tsu Invite Link then it would be a very different story 🙂

So what can you expect to earn?

Well conservatively i would say you could earn $100 every couple of months or so, like i said not a fortune but the then the big question is when was the last time Facebook sent you $100??

So give Tsu a try, it’ 100% FREE

so you have nothing to lose!

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Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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