Are You an Artist Here's Why You Need to Join TSU

If you’re an artist you know getting your work out there can be frustrating….. This why you should join Tsu.

Being a modern day artist not only means having some creative talent, but it also means you need to be willing to learn marketing, sales, business and networking. After you’ve done research or invested in some class time in order to arm yourself with the necessary skills for achievement, you sign up for a social media account and premiere your work to the world. Suddenly you can find yourself struggling to make connections and gaining the necessary exposure to achieve success isn’t happening.

This is where I was finding myself as I was trying to build a brand name for my company. My Facebook posts weren’t bringing in people from outside my little network of family and friends, my Instagram wasn’t picking up followers and Twitter wasn’t doing much either. Tired of being frustrated I started seeking out new places on the Internet and I came across TSU. I joined and was welcomed by site members, and shortly after I started discovering other artists and I’m making some great new friends along with gaining exposure for my work. I couldn’t have been happier with my new discovery.

TSU offers me a chance to network successfully. The people who are there want to engage with you, and engagement is key when developing any form of business online. It’s what creates a pathway to walk down and opens doors for you to walk through. Without an audience that is willing to engage, you might as well be talking a wall. You’re not going to get anywhere.

As artists our work involves originality and creativity. It’s what we strive to do every time we express ourselves by showing the world our thoughts and feelings through a piece of our art. TSU not only encourages original content from their members, the site is based on it and the content the members create is what makes the site thrive. Members encourage each other to be themselves and be positive. Spamming is discouraged and new members are coached through their ‘parents’ upon sign up to help them get settled in; you won’t be out in the cold by yourself.

Want to hear the icing on the cake? TSU is going to pay you for all of your hard work. The time you take making your art work, taking pictures, uploading and creating hash tags is going to pay off even more. 90% of the site’s ad revenue is being put back into the pockets of the members. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Start building your network today and treat yourself the way you should be treated. Find some people you can relate to, engage with others members and make yourself be seen and heard. You won’t regret it.

Click the link below to go to my Join Tsu Page and be sure to check out some valuable information on the site that can lead you to TSU success.

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