How to share from Tsu to Instagram A guide

How to share from Tsu to Instagram

We have always been able to share Tsu Social posts to other social sites. We can connect both Facebook and Twitter to our Tsu accounts and auto-share when we create original content on Tsu and if like me you mainly use Tsu via a laptop or a desktop then you can apply some very useful share buttons and content curation sites to your browsers (Firefox and Chrome)

If you are looking for a solution to share from Tsu via a desktop or a laptop to Instagram then unfortunately you can’t easily do this and if you do find away then please note it is against the Instagram Terms. Instagram is very strict in that it wants to remain an app based site rather than a conventional website that is why it blocks sharing from the web.

However you are very much allowed to share to Instagram from the Tsu App

Why You Should Share To Instagram

Instagram has 300 Million active members generating 2.5 Billion Likes daily And this is all mainly via the Instagram App, proving that the social media x app equation is very big business. The great news is you can share from the Tsu App directly to Insta, the bad news is it is not as easy as just pushing share.

How to share from the Tsu App to Instagram

If you are using the Tsu Android App or Ios App you can also share to a number of sites as you can see in the screen capture below.

how to share from the tsu app to the instagram app

Unfortunately one social channel that is currently missing from the menu is Instagram. The option to share used to be available but a change in the Insta api resulted in Instagram option vanishing. The problem has been reported to Tsu and they are looking into a fix.

On the bright side this gives the resourceful Tsu marketer and opportunity.

If im honest not a big fan of mobile internet, adding descriptions and information via a mobile or a tablet is often tedious with predictive text also making it a lets just say, an interesting experience. I much prefer to create all my content via my laptop and just share and you can do this from Tsu to Insta.

So here is how you share from Tsu to Instagram with no share option available on Tsu Social

So here is how you do it.

  • Firstly create your content on Tsu as you would normally do. Check the screen capture below. This is a post that i created that i have also shared to Instagram

how to share from Tsu Social to instagram

  • Images that appear on Insta are square so we need create content that we can send to Instagram in this square format so that it displays correctly. So ideally you create original Tsu content using a rectangular image or graphic. Your description you then add in the body of your Tsu post becomes the description for the image on Instagram so there is no need to then type it in via a mobile. It also becomes part of the image making the image square 😉 You might want to read that line again:-)
  • Share your post to Tsu and then view.
  • Screen capture the newly created content.
  • You then have two options, you can go to the screen capture on your phone and click share and you will get an option to share to Instagram or you can go directly to Insta and create a new post and pull up the Tsu screen capture and share.

When have completed the process you will have something that looks like this on Insta

Instagram content shared from Tsu Social

Hope this helps. If you have any questions then drop me a comment below or contact me on Tsu. If you are interested in joining Tsu then there are a couple of very short videos om my Join My Tsu Team Page

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Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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