is the growth of tsu on schedule - how many members does tsu have

Tsu is coming up to it’s second anniversary on the 21st October

So as we come to the end of year 2 for Tsu the social payment platform that rewards it’s members there are some questions to ask and comparisons to be made.

So just how many members does Tsu have? and is the growth of this social networking platform on schedule with what Ceo and Owner Sebastian Sobczak and the team want and are expecting?

Well only Sebastian and the team can tell if they are hitting their growth targets. As for the current user count i will tell you that statistic shortly but before i do lets look at the history of some other major social sites, draw some comparisons and then make some educated predictions for on how Tsu is doing. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

How do i get a verified Tsu account?

how to a get verified on tsu

To get a verified Tsu account there is really only one qualification currently that you must meet. You must either have a verified Twitter account or you must have a verified Facebook account. If you have one of these accounts then the Tsu verification process is very simple, all you have to do is to go to your verified Facebook or Twitter and post some text saying that you are a Tsu member and leave your profile link to prove that you own the account. Screen shoot the page with your link on and send it into Tsu support at support@tsu.co and you will get verified check mark in a day or so.

Facebook and Twitter are the main avenues to getting verified on Tsu but also having a check mark with YouTube or Instagram will get the job done.

However there is a chance that just hard work within Tsu will also be rewarded with a verified Tsu check mark as there are a number of members who technically do not qualify yet they have the check mark. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Why I have grown to love TSU

Love Tsu

I am starting to love Tsu

Up until the past two months I have been an out and out Instagramer. I couldn’t get enough of it, I found Instagram to be the quickest and simplest way to show my followers my progress through my self healing journey.

It seemed like the perfect output to reach a new demographic everyday and grow my regular followers and whilst also relying on my visual based training background. With Instagram’s main way to reach new people being through the use of hashtags, it all seemed simple enough, but it was always feeling like there was something missing. Something that was stopping me reaching my full potential and my website analytics agreed.

The initial flaw I kept coming across when trying to work out why traffic wasn’t being drawn towards my website from Instagram, was there was no way I could direct traffic from an Instagram post to a specific blog post. I was supposed to completely rely on the single website link posted in my Instagram profile. Having to rely on my posts to engage followers enough to encourage them to make a minimum of two extra clicks more than any other network, just to get to my landing page, let alone to get to a specific article or recipe. I honestly couldn’t see that happening, in a world of ever growing impatiens internet users are growing less and less willing to work to find what they want – everything must be as instant as possible. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Social Tips – Getting Started

6 tsu social tips

Tsu Social Tips For Success

Here are some simple Tsu Social Tips to make your Tsu experience enjoyable and profitable.The following rules are in no particular order of importance

1 – Always add value

This is an absolute must. Everything you share should add value to those who are reading, it should reach out to them in some small way to drive some kind of engagement.

Just sharing a string of headlines and links can appear as spam to readers. What you share needs to be something that someone really wants to read.

2 – Don’t Overuse HashTags

Overuse of hastags looks very spammy. Rather than typing in endless tags spend the time adding relevant text that members will read and engage on.

3 – Avoid automation

This is another absolute must. Any kind of automation, plugins, apps, extensions that are not okayed by Tsu are prohibited. If you use them you will be banned or your redemption payment will be declined.

4 – Avoid negativity at all cost

Keep it positive, and you’ll never have a problem. Go negative, and not much good will happen. Remember what you say represents you.

5 – Never Spam or Hijack

If your going to interact with other members on Tsu Social then do not hijack other members posts, don’t jump and add your own link. And definitely do not spam. That includes posting in multiple groups, you may only be posting once in each group but that is spamming and other members will see it.

6 – Make real comments

No one word comments like “Like” or “Nice” … they are hated on Tsu and again appear as spam

Do you have any Tsu Social Tips ? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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Tsu Channels and Topics Explained

Tsu Topics and Channels Explained

With the big upgrade to Tsu v3.0 came the introduction of Tsu Topics. Tsu Topics are basically categories of interest. When you make a post you simply select the channel that is relevant to your content and publish within that Topic, the idea being that relevant content is grouped giving users a better more relevant Tsu experience.

Channels, formerly known as groups now appear within relevant Tsu Topics.

Some changes have been made to Channels that you should be made aware of

All newly created Tsu channels are now monetized the same as when you just post to a topic. There is no split in ad revenue to the admins and Tsu Charity, they now work on a 45% content creator, 45% network and 10% split. Channels / groups that were created before the update to v3.0 have kept the original Tsu monetization split where group admins and a designated charity benefit from the revenue. Read the rest of this Tsu entry